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id'-o (his band; power; praise, timely or lovely)
Rehoboam, Zechariah
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Easton's Bible Dictionary

(1) Timely ( 1 Chronicles 6:21 ). A Gershonite Levite.

(2) Lovely. The son of Zechariah ( 1 Chronicles 27:21 ), the ruler of Manasseh in David's time.

(3) Timely. The father of Ahinadab, who was one of Solomon's purveyors ( 1 Kings 4:14 ).

(4) Lovely. A prophet of Judah who wrote the history of Rehoboam and Abijah ( 2 Chronicles 12:15 ). He has been identified with Oded ( 2 Chronicles 15:1 ).

(5) Lovely. The father of Berachiah, and grandfather of the prophet Zechariah ( Zechariah 1:1 , 1:7 ). He returned from Babylon ( Nehemiah 12:4 ).


Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names

his band; power; praise


Smith's Bible Dictionary

(timely or lovely)

(1) The father of Abinadab. ( 1 Kings 4:14 )

(2) A descendant of Gershom, son of Levi. ( 1 Chronicles 6:21 )

(3) Son of Zechariah, ruler of the tribe of Manasseh east of Jordan in the time of David. ( 1 Chronicles 27:21 ) (B.C. 1014.)

(4) A seer whose "visions" against Jeroboam incidentally contained some of the acts of Solomon. ( 2 Chronicles 9:29 ) He appears to have written a chronicle or story relating to the life and reign of Abijah. ( 2 Chronicles 13:22 ) (B.C. 961.)

(5) The grandfather of the prophet Zechariah. ( Zechariah 1:1 , 1:7 )

(6) The chief of those who assembled at Casiphia at the time of the second caravan from Babylon. He was one of the Nethinim. ( Ezra 8:17 ) comp. Ezra 8:20 (B.C. 536.)


International Standard Bible Encyclopedia


(1) ('iddo (?[~'adhadh, "to be strong"), "hap," "happy" (?), Ezra 8:17):
The "chief at the place Casiphia," who provided Ezra with Levites and Nethinim, the head of the Levitical body or school, said to be one of the Nethinim or temple slaves, but perhaps an "and" has slipped out, and it should read: "his brethren and the Nethinim." 1 Esdras 8:45,46 has "Loddeus (the King James Version "Saddeus"), the captain who was in the place of the treasury," keceph meaning silver. Septuagint has "in the place of the silver (en argurio tou topou) .... to his brethren and to the treasurers."

(2) (yiddo, "beloved," or "loving," 1 Chronicles 27:21):
Son of Zechariah, and captain of the half-tribe of Manasseh in Gilead, under David.

(3) (yiddo, "beloved," or "loving," Ezra 10:43):
One of those who had taken foreign wives. Another reading is Jaddai, the King James Version "Jadau." In 1 Esdras 9:35 "Edos" (the King James Version "Edes").

(4) ('iddo', "timely," 1 Kings 4:14):
Father of Abinadab, Solomon's commissary in Mahanaim in Gilead.

(5) (yiddo, "beloved," or "loving," 1 Chronicles 6:21):
A Gershomite Levite, son of Joah, called Adaiah in verse 41; ancestor of Asaph.

(6) (ye'do (Kethibh ye'di), or 'iddo, "decked," "adorned"):
Seer (chozeh) and prophet (nabhi), the Chronicler's "source" for the reign of Solomon (2 Chronicles 9:29): "The visions of Iddo the seer concerning Jeroboam the son of Nebat"; and for the reign of Rehoboam (2 Chronicles 12:15): "The histories of Iddo ('iddo) the seer, after the manner of (or, "in reckoning") genealogies"; and for the reign of Abijah (2 Chronicles 13:22): "The commentary (midhrash) of the prophet Iddo" ('iddo). He may have been the prophet who denounced Jeroboam (1 Kings 13), who is called by Josephus and Jerome Jadon, or Jaddo. Jerome makes Iddo and Oded the same.

(7) ('iddo, "timely," Zechariah 1:1):
Grandfather (father, according to Ezra) of the prophet, Zechariah. See also Zechariah 1:7 ; Ezra 5:1 ; 6:14 ('iddo'). In 1 Esdras 6:1, "Addo."

(8) ('iddo', "decked," "adorned," Nehemiah 12:4 , 16):
A priest who went up with Zerubbabel (Nehemiah 12:4); one of the priestly clans which went up (Nehemiah 12:16); perhaps same as (7).



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