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je-ro'-ham (high; merciful; beloved, may he be compassionate, cherished)
Azareel, Joash, Samuel
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Easton's Bible Dictionary

cherished; who finds mercy.

(1) Father of Elkanah, and grandfather of the prophet Samuel ( 1 Samuel 1:1 ).

(2) The father of Azareel, the "captain" of the tribe of Dan ( 1 Chronicles 27:22 ).

(3) 1 Chronicles 12:7 ; a Benjamite.

(4) 2 Chronicles 23:1 ; one whose son assisted in placing Joash on the throne.

(5) 1 Chronicles 9:8 ; a Benjamite.

(6) 1 Chronicles 9:12 ; a priest, perhaps the same as in Nehemiah 11:12 .


Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names

high; merciful; beloved


Smith's Bible Dictionary


(1) Father of Elkanah, the father of Samuel, of the house of Kohath. ( 1 Samuel 1:1 ; 1 Chronicles 6:27 , 6:34 ) (B.C. before 1142.)

(2) A Benjamite, the founder of a family of Bene-Jeroham. ( 1 Chronicles 8:27 ) Probably the same as Father (or progenitor) of Ibneiah. ( 1 Chronicles 9:8 ) comp. 1 Chronicles 9:3 and 9:9. (B.C. before 588.)

(3) A descendant of Aaron, of the house of Immer, the leader of the sixteenth course of priests; son of Pashur, and father of Adaiah. ( 1 Chronicles 9:12 ) He appears to be mentioned again in ( Nehemiah 11:12 ) (B.C. before 586.)

(4) Jeroham of Gedor, some of whose sons joined David at Ziglag. ( 1 Chronicles 12:7 ) (B.C. before 1055.)

(5) A Danite, whose son or descendant Azareel was head of his tribe in the time of David. ( 1 Chronicles 27:22 )

(6) Father of Azariah, one of the "captains of hundreds" in the time of Athaliah. ( 2 Chronicles 23:1 ) (B.C. before 876.)


International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

je-ro'-ham (yerocham, "may he be compassionate!"):

(1) An Ephraimite, the father of Elkanah, and grandfather of Samuel (1 Samuel 1:1 ; 1 Chronicles 6:27 , 34)): Jerahmeel is the name in Septuagint, Codex Vaticanus, in 1 Samuel and in Septuagint, L and manuscripts, in 1 Chronicles.

(2) A Benjamite (1 Chronicles 8:27), apparently = JEREMOTH, (2) (compare 8:14), and probably the same as he of 1 Chronicles 9:8.

(3) Ancestor of a priest in Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 9:12 = Nehemiah 11:12).

(4) A man of Gedor, father of two of David's Benjamite recruits at Ziklag, though Gedor might be a town in Southern Judah (1 Chronicles 12:7)).

(5) Father of Azarel, David's tribal chief over Dan (1 Chronicles 27:22).

(6) Father of Azariah, one of the captains who supported Jehoiada in overthrowing Queen Athaliah (2 Chronicles 23:1).



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