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uts (counsel, words, fertile land, wooded)
Aram, Land of Uz, Nahor, Shem
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Easton's Bible Dictionary

fertile land.

(1) The son of Aram, and grandson of Shem ( Genesis 10:23 ; 1 Chronicles 1:17 ).

(2) One of the Horite "dukes" in the land of Edom ( Genesis 36:28 ).

(3) The eldest son of Nahor, Abraham's brother ( Genesis 22:21 , RSV).


Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names

counsel; words


Smith's Bible Dictionary


(1) A son of Aram, ( Genesis 10:23 ; 1 Chronicles 1:17 ) end consequently a grand son of Shem. (B.C. 2400-2300.)

(2) A son of Nahor by Milcah. ( Genesis 22:21 ) Authorized Version, Huz. (B.C. about 1900.)

(3) A son of Dishan, and grandson of Seir. ( Genesis 36:28 ) (B.C. after 1800.)

(4) The country in which Job lived. ( Job 1:1 ) As far as we can gather, "the land of Uz" lay either east or southeast of Palestine, ( Job 1:3 ) adjacent to the Sabaeans and the Chaldaeans, ( Job 1:15 , Job 1:17 ) consequently north of the southern Arabians and west of the Euphrates; and, lastly, adjacent to the Edomites of Mount Seir, who at one period occupied Uz, probably as conquerors, ( Lamentations 4:21 ) and whose troglodyte habits are described in ( Job 30:6 , Job 30:7 ) From the above data we infer that the land of Uz corresponds to the Arabia Deserta of classical geography, at all events to so much of it as lies north of the 30th parallel of latitude.


International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

uz (uts 'erets uts; Os, Ox, Ausitis):

Biblical Data:
(1) In Genesis 10:23 Uz is the oldest son of Aram and grandson of Shem, while in 1 Chronicles 1:17 Uz is the son of Shem. Septuagint inserts a passage which supplies this lacking name. As the tables of the nations in Genesis 10 are chiefly geographical and ethnographical, Uz seems to have been the name of a district or nation colonized by or descended from Semites of the Aramean tribe or family.

(2) The son of Nahor by Milcah, and older brother of Buz (Genesis 2:21). Here the name is doubtless personal and refers to an individual who was head of a clan or tribe kindred to that of Abraham.

(3) A son of Dishan, son of Seir the Horite (Genesis 36:28), and personal name of a Horite or perhaps of mixed Horite and Aramean blood.

(4) The native land and home of Job (Job 1:1), and so situated as to be in more or less proximity to the tribe of the Temanites (Job 2:11), the Shuhites (Job 2:11), the Naamathites (Job 2:11), the Buzites (Job 32:2), and open to the inroads of the Chaldeans (Job 1:17), and the Sabeans (Job 1:15 the Revised Version (British and American)), as well as exposed to the great Arabian Desert (1:19). See the next article.

(5) A kingdom of some importance somewhere in Southern Syria and not far from Judea, having a number of kings (Jeremiah 25:20).

(6) A kingdom, doubtless the same as that of Jeremiah 25:20 and inhabited by or in subjection to the Edomites (Lamentations 4:21), and hence not far from Edom.



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